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Last weekend was a busy one in Kelowna! The 26th annual Interior Savings - Fat Cat Children's Festival took place in Waterfront Park on Friday June 10th and Saturday June 11th. Over 1,500 students from the region and thousands of families braved the winds, rain, and chills to take part in the children focused festival. There was music, food, roaming entertainers, a parade and over 40 community activity booths that provided valuable information and hands-on activities to attendees. Most attendees also got to experience a face to face interaction with our beloved mascot Fat Cat. Interior Savings staff were involved in a big way in 2016. Over 25 staff used Volinspire to find a volunteer position, used their ‘during work hour’ volunteer benefits, and helped out on the Friday of the festival.
Is that all? No way! We had another fantastic event taking place on Saturday June 11th in City Park. motionball - Kelowna Marathon of Sport presented by Interior Savings saw 22 teams of 250 young professionals hit the ground to play sports, have fun and raise money for special Olympic athletes. Interior Savings had two teams participate and based on the feedback everyone had an awesome time. Sports included basketball, beach volleyball, touch football, and human foosball. You read that correctly, human foosball! Between the two teams our staff raised $5,434 for the cause, way to go team!!! In total the event raised just over $70,000. Thanks also to our staff who volunteered at the event to ensure everything ran smoothly for the participants.