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How do you know you have a winning program? When participating organizations dedicate 12 months of leadership knowledge to collaborating, learning, and growing, that’s how!
BESTi—the Building Excellence & Sustainability Together Intensive program is a partnership between Central Okanagan Foundation, City of Kelowna, the Non-profit Lifecycles Institute, Vantage Point and Valley First, a division of First West Credit Union.
Meet our first BESTi participant, Childhood Connections–Okanagan Family & Childcare Society. Serving Kelowna since 1977, Childhood Connections provides services & resources to help children across the region grow and thrive in safe, secure and healthy environments.
Executive Director Melissa Hunt says of their experience with the BESTi program, "Working with our consultant has supported us on seeing where we are as an organization, where we have come from and helped us to review next steps on our organizational life cycle journey. It has been an amazing process and really got us to thinking differently and dig in deep to what our purpose and mission is as an organization."
BESTi consultant Lesley Dyck shares, “Participating in the BESTi program with Vantage Point was such a great opportunity to learn about the ‘Nonprofit Lifecycle Model’ and apply it in practice simultaneously. Being in a cohort situation allowed me to learn from other skilled and experienced consultants and provide my volunteer time to support the learning of a dynamic community based nonprofit organization. This program supported me to think deeply about the ‘Lifecycle Model’ and to see it applied in action to a diversity of nonprofit organizations … an absolutely unparalleled learning opportunity! I have such appreciation for the team and support from Vantage Point … thank you!”
To learn more about Childhood Connections or to donate, visit
Photo credit: photo courtesy of BESTi partner, Childhood Connections