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The Clubhouse Child Care Center

  • 4490 Anderson Road
  • Kelowna, British Columbia
    V1X 7V7

About us

The Clubhouse is a non-profit, charitable organization serving the central Kelowna community. We provide:
- Full Day and Half Day Early Learning Programs for preschool children
- School Age Care services for 5 local elementary schools
- Mother Goose Parent-Child literacy programs
- School visits to The Clubhouse Farm for nature and science based field trips
- A summer student leadership program
- Farm fresh produce and an outdoor classroom at the Clubhouse Farm.
The 12 acre Clubhouse Farm is founded on the principle that children of all ages need contact with nature and the opportunity to learn where food comes from. Spending time outside is essential for health and happiness of many of our children. From treating symptoms of ADHD to improving motor skills and increasing self-esteem, the benefits of spending more time outside span social, physical, and emotional spheres of development.

What we believe in

The Mission of the Clubhouse is to meet the needs of the communities in which we live and operate. With friendly service and a kind, knowledgeable staff, we provide quality children's programs that aim to address the individual needs of each child: physical, social, educational, and emotional. We strive to provide fun, healthy and inspiring environments that provide the opportunity for incidental learning experiences while encouraging observation, compassion, responsibility, and creativity.
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