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Kelowna Outdoor Events

  • 1435 Water Street
  • Kelowna, British Columbia

Extra Information

2017 Outdoor Events List

About us

The Outdoor Events Department helps to support and execute over 115 events that take place in Kelowna every year. We work in partnership with other community affiliates such as Police Services, Bylaw Services, and the Parks Department to ensure events are showcased in a safe, courteous and vibrant manner. The Outdoor Events Department supports a range of events from local grassroots organizations to internationally recognized events like the Wine Country Half Marathon. Through outdoor events, the City of Kelowna has enhanced community profile and economic development in sport and event tourism. Volunteers are vital to the success of outdoor events and the City of Kelowna is committed to providing fun and valuable volunteer opportunities while strengthening our volunteer community.
What inspires us? The thousands of tireless volunteers that donate their time, creativity and energy to ensure the success of outdoor events in the city of Kelowna. What inspires you? ...

What we believe in

To foster a successful event environment that cultivates community communication and supports event organizer relationships.
To see what the City of Kelowna's employees are doing to make our community a better place, please visit: https://volinspire.com/business/...
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    Arts & Culture
    Community and Economic Development
    Sports and Recreation


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