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BrainTrust Canada Association

  • #11, 368 Industrial Avenue
  • Kelowna, British Columbia


About us

BrainTrust Canada is a registered nonprofit agency with a mission to bring the issue of brain injury to the forefront, maximize the potential of those who have been affected by brain injury, and reduce preventable brain injury, especially among youth. We serve the Okanagan Valley from Armstrong to Peachland with offices in Kelowna and Vernon.

What we believe in

We believe that:
*everyone affected by brain injury deserves meaningful support,
* in most cases, brain injury can be prevented, and
*impact is possible if we do our part to give brain injury a louder voice.
We work with the following Businesses and Organizations
  • Causes we care about
    Health & Well-being
    Mental Health
    Special Needs and Diverse Abilities


    Things we’re involved with in the community