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Team Construction Management Ltd.

4 employees on Do Some Good
  • 916 Ethel St
  • Kelowna, British Columbia
    V1Y 2W2

About us

Much has changed since Team Construction Management began building and renovating houses in Westbank in 1975. If founder, David Wilson were around today, he would see a business that has been transformed by new technologies, construction methods, project types, and safety practices. We like to think that Team has grown into one of the leading construction firms in the Southern Interior of BC. One that has completed many unique and challenging projects.
Among all that is new, David Wilson would find one thing unchanged: Team’s commitment to building creative solutions, value, and relationships. Our mantra, “working together…winning together” clearly defines our core belief that we can only succeed if our customers achieve their goals.

What we believe in

Community, the environment and professionalism.
Organizations We Support
  • Our Average Annual Contributions

    $ 20000

    Dollars donated

    Causes we care about
    Family Care
    Top causes supported by employees
    • Community and Economic Development
    • Disease and Medical Research
    • Environment
    • Family Care
    • Animal Welfare


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