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Enliven Design + Consulting

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  • 10568 Cheryl Road
  • Lake Country, British Columbia
    V4V 1W3

Environmental Stewardship

Our principal designer holds the following professional certifications in environmental stewardship:
LEED Green Associate - Awarded by the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC)
EPt - Awarded by Eco Canada

About us

We are a full service interior design and efficiency consulting firm dedicated to creating healthy, sustainable spaces through the use of environmentally friendly practices and products. We are passionate about the interiors where we live, work, and play, and create functional, beautiful spaces that not only serve the current needs of the occupants, but also their future needs and those of the surrounding environment. Inspired by the natural world and passionate about human involvement and well being, we develop concepts, designs, processes, and relationships built upon these values. We are a forward-thinking firm dedicated to inspiring people to 'enliven' their environments with sustainable practices and energy efficient strategies.

What we believe in

Enlivened, functional designs and efficient solutions for a sustainable future.
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